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 Reflect N Image envisions being an organization that helps families that are caring for loved ones with a disability. We see them needing for nothing. All their mental, physical, and financial needs are met through the support of the community, and other organizations that support our efforts to assist them. All families will have access to supports and services that helps them establish a certain level of independence, productivity, and a healthy and satisfying quality of life for their love one.

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To shed some light on our organization, let me first share with you the Reason for it. Reflect N' Image was a vision of our daughter Mazzanni Burnett at the age of 13. With a full life ahead of her, she wanted to help people. She could not decide on the career she wanted, but whenever she spoke of one it was that of serving the community. June 8, 2015 our lives changed forever, when Mazzanni's life changed. Without warning Mazzanni went from speaking to lying on our living room floor without a heartbeat or pulse. Little did we know her appendix had ruptured, and at the time her body was septic. Fast forward we went from being transported to the hospital by ambulance, and Mazzanni going into cardiac arrest 4 times. Surgery was 6 hours, hospital stay 2 1/2 months, going from a model, honor student, and child full of life to now being 100% dependent on her father and I for total care. Through her strength, we became stronger and decided to live her dream for her. To Give back... Reflect N' Image is what we intend to do for our Community, For Our Families, and For Our Daughter. Everyday when she awakes, her reflection shows that of Love, Strength, Endurance, Faith, and Fight. So for our daughter, we will be a Reflection. 

Thanks In advance for your Support. 

The Burnett's



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